alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

kittenkatt's meme

(note: i'm 37)

- Walk in heels without looking like a wounded garthim or giant robot made of toaster ovens * been doing this for ~25 years now
- Properly grill, broil, and fry a steak * since 15 i can grill and broil, but who would want to fry a good steak
- Live without sex for a month without bitching about it * doable since my early 20's
- Drink a martini with a straight face * doable but harder now that it used to be when i drank hard alcohol
- Enjoy hanging out with the girls... seriously * i still suck at this (i'm not really a girl)
- Acknowledge that there are some things I am good at, and they're not all blowjob or cupcake related * figured this one out in my late 20's
- Buy greeting cards in advance so I'm not scrambling and binge-buying at Hallmark * yeah, right - not happening
- Tell someone "no" without feeling like a selfish monster * still not easy, but i can do it at times
- Mean it when I say it doesn't matter * easy sometimes, hard at others
- Make a proper flan with one of those little blowtorches * i don't make sweets much, so i'm sure this would be a disaster (although bananas foster i can do quite well)
- Embrace my geekdom sans awkward embarrassment that I've just tripped and muttered "botched my damned dex roll..." * i don't think i'm enough of a geek
- Ballroom dances like the waltz and the tango * i can waltz badly, but can't follow a lead to save my live
- Shop for wine and not feel inept or pretentious * hard - allergic to sulfites = few wines i can drink
- Take the proper vitamins * i still forget more than i remember
- Gracefully decline an invitation rather than accept out of obligation * working on it
- Properly maintain my car- change the oil, put air in the tires, routine stuff, detailing * i can do this, but since i married zooom, this is his responsibility (i do his laundry in trade)
- Have dinner by myself in Manhattan * 1st time at age 12 or 13 (i'm a native though)
- Not be afraid to ask for what belongs to me * still hard sometimes
- Buy one well-made costly item instead of six inexpensive pieces of crap * i need to learn how to find a happy medium - my taste is more expensive than my budget
- Let someone compliment me without automatically thinking "they don't mean it" * finally got this one in the last 2 or 3 years
- Serve dinner to a party of eight on matching china with polished flatware * learned this one as a teenager (comes w/ being raised with $)
- Moisturize * i probably don't do this often enough

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