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asleep at mal 9/09
3/10/04 15:08
asleep at mal 9/09
- still hate work
- house still a wreck
- procrastination abounds

on the bright side of things, i have wonderful friends, i had a good time this weekend, and both isabelluna and prakriti will be at alchemy_dc tomorrow night

got a decent nights sleep friday, then spent saturday morning running errands and getting our addresses changed with mva (rude employees + long lines = very irritated zooom & i) and the post office

then we gathered at the manor, and headed up to joisey... met miss stacia and legion for greek food (twas very nice) and then after a quick stop at the liquor store arrived at the pisces party at lou and robs... saw a ton of people - pennsic folks from all over plus a variety of more northern freaks... it was rather crowded at times, so i didn't get to spend as much time as i'd have liked with some of my friends, but that seems to have become the norm lately - need more hours in the day, or less hours at work, so i can enjoy the company of the people i love for longer periods of time...

we left lous at stupid 0'clock (aka around 3am) and headed home... zooom didn't even make it out of jersey before he woke me up to drive because he had the highway nods... i was fine (although struggling with the wind which was trying to throw the car across traffic) until the damn tunnel into baltimore - then i started to zone out... fortunately, mkblack called me from the other car to make sure i was ok which made me alert enough to get to the point where i could get off the highway and have some fun driving (love back-roads late at night - wheee vr6)

finally got home as the sun was coming up; collapsed into bed and slept until about 11ish (not sure what the fuck i was doing awake after 4.5 hours of sleep, but there you have it) - sunday we went out to breakfast then headed over to the ranch to pick up the last of the big stuff - there are still a few things we can't find which may wind up being there, but we've gotten everything we know of moved to the manor now - if only we could get it all unpacked
3/10/04 13:21 (UTC) - love ya. miss ya.
I understand the "if only could get it all unpacked" thing. yeesh.

I do like the sound of "we gathered at the manor". It has a very nice ring to it.
3/10/04 17:29 (UTC) - Re: the manor
lol... me too
3/12/04 4:48 (UTC) - Thanks for the Greek food!
T'was indeed most yummy.

Pisces Party was good, except that I feel like I didn't see folks enough..just like you said.

Girl, I think I'm not gonna unpack it all - I only have 4-5 months or so left where I am - what's the point?

I *am* gonna sell a pile of it though.

*smooch* Happy I got to see you. Sorry it was so brief..!