alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

all smiles

tired as fuck today, and damn i hurt, but i had a great time last night

the music last night at alchemy_dc was great, i danced so much that toward the end of the evening i was numb from my right hip to my right knee (stupid arthritis) but hooray for music to keep me on the floor that long... i rarely expect to dance that much at alchemy, whereas when i go to baltimore i remind adam that if i can walk up the stairs at the end of the night to get my coat then he hasn't spun as well as he should (oh yeah, probably the reason the music was so good was that adam was guest djing and tag teaming with djsolares and they ramped up the energy level on the club side and kept it there

i also had a lot of fun seeing people who don't get out in dc often - it was really good to see prakriti and isabelleuna and the rest of you (as usual, too many names to list) - i was amused by the drunkeness of some of my friends and had really good conversations with others, and i was glad that zooom was able to come out for a change

and now, since i'm at work and there are things i need to accomplish, i'd best stop procrastinating

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