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asleep at mal 9/09
a few sites to check out 
3/17/04 18:02
asleep at mal 9/09
guiness - good for your heart?


tim's video for the classic dc mix of closer with #1 crush


website for jody's cartoon (formerly called lowbrow) megas xl which is coming on may 1st - you should all watch it

3/18/04 3:32 (UTC) - ah correct
guinness is good for your heart - i have been drinking it for a week now and i must say my heart is doing well no heart attackes yet -- beca and i miss yous guys and next time we come you are comming too
3/18/04 13:46 (UTC) - Re: ah correct
would love to be in ireland right now; alas, we decided owning a house took priority on travel at the moment (and a new bike for zooom) so we'll hope our finances are better by the next time you guys plan a trip over there