alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

been busy

in the last two weeks i've been swamped, hence the lack of updates... here's what i've done:

went to alchemy_dc twice and orpheus once
painted and done a ton of work on the house
been bothered by my arthritis to the point that my drugs aren't helping at all
spent time with zooom and many friends
worked too much
spent too much money at home depot
planned a trip to la next month
had raging sinus congestion nearly every morning
finished another article for the city morgue
had major issues with installing new locks on our doors but got 2 of 3 done now
was very happy that i have such wonderful friends
worked on bills and tax stuff (damn we're broke)
took zooom to pick up his "nused" bike (a 2001 ducati monster 900)

all in all, life is pretty good i guess, but i want more hours in the day, and less of them spent working or in pain

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