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asleep at mal 9/09
3/28/04 20:07
asleep at mal 9/09
i had a very strange weekend... did our taxes yesterday (more financial pain - hopefully the house will make our taxes less bad next year) while zooom finished (finally) the upper walls in the bedroom

after dinner we went out for the evening on his new bike... first to a family party in laurel, then for a visit to orpheus, then to polyesthers for jericho_the_red's "girls night out"

all in all it was an excellent evening, it was great to see everyone and meet a few new people, and it was a gorgeous night for riding... one thing though: no more extended rides until the new seat and luggage bars are installed - my arms and shoulders are killing me from the awkward position "two up" on the duc

i also have a question - can someone explain to me why i danced (in uncomfortable riding gear) more at polyesthers than i did at alchemy and orpheus combined this week? the music at alchemy was on and off - all over the place but i did dance a bit (i also left early this week), and orpheus wasn't bad, but i was not inspired to groove in riding leathers there, then we got to polyesthers (which i pretty much hate) and i was out on the floor dancing to really cheesy 80's when i was already so achy from riding and sweating like mad

anyway, today was supposed to be me taping and beginning to paint the lower part of the walls, but i can barely move my arms, so instead i slept, watched bbc and tlc, and read a bit (until holding the book hurt too much)

hopefully tomorrow the muscle aches will be less, and i can actually get started on taping after work
3/28/04 19:11 (UTC)
Perhaps the other girls' encouragement at Polly's kept you on the dance floor. They danced in a group all evening, which we don't generally do at other clubs. They were also very excited about getting out of the house so energy was high.
3/29/04 2:36 (UTC)
i also have a question - can someone explain to me why i danced (in uncomfortable riding gear) more at polyesthers than i did at alchemy and orpheus combined this week?

I always find myself dancing more when not at the usual places - being in the usual places means you're spending most of the evening talking to all your mates!
3/29/04 7:01 (UTC)
In this case, most of her friends were on the dance floor!
3/29/04 8:00 (UTC)
I can't answer why you were on the dance floor, cause I can't figure out how I ended up there most of the night! LOL It was great dancing with you though sweeite! And you did look very yummy!

I hear ya on the soreness factor...

ya know, I just noticed my knee is swollen... huh.. go fig, it wasn't swollen yesterday... OK I'm a space mutant! I know this and I admit it, just like I admit I'm a prevy elf fancier. :-)

It was WONDERFUL to see you and Zooom this weekend! :-)

THis weekend almost makes me wish I was moving back to VA... ALMOST! I love you all but I love being warm more, sorry! :-)
3/31/04 10:02 (UTC) - Jealous!
So happy yer having fun, so bummed I wasn't having it with you all. :)

The idea of you bouncin' around in the pretty riding leathers (though I can't imagine moving around in them is much fun) is a seriously pleasing visual.

You are a fierce & determined dancer. I think if the music moves you, you just go. We all get hit by th emuse in different ways, & the grace with which you dance is a definite art.

But I recall a coupla weeks ago when I came to see you @ Orpheus, the music was way..WAY..off..you & I shared *A* dance & we even left early.

If it ain;t grabbin' ya, it ain't grabbin' ya. I wish your regular dance spot of choice wasn't so hit & miss for you.

Hope yer less sore.


-- S.