alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

pain pain pain pain

had a good and mostly productive weekend, but now i'm in amazing amounts of pain and very unhappy about it

thursday at alchemy_dc was pretty good with the exception of the "bands" - the music from the djs was quite good and i danced a lot - especially enjoyed djsolaries' and defektiv's back-to-back sets around midnight

friday went with a bunch of folks to see Hellboy - overall i enjoyed the movie, although there were parts that were a bit too much obvious cgi and/or a bit derivitive of other films (matrix, blade, etc) - hard to suspend disbelief at times but overall a decent action flick

saturday was spent emptying the remaining boxes from the living room and making yet another large expenditure at home depot (supplies for putting a floor down in the attic was most of what we bought), then after a brief nap pyrogus arrived and we had dinner, hearded cats, and headed to orpheus in baltimore for dancing

the music was good (although adam was having some technical difficulties and was pissed about it) and i danced quite a bit... they were screening a bunch of strange movies including a really disturbing japanime? porn? - was good to see azuresandstorm out and some other rare attendees as well as the normal crowd

also, jericho_the_red i spoke with adam about the plans for april, and zooom is now set to guest dj that evening so things should be all set

sunday we slept in, then worked on the attic - with the help of pyrogus, we managed to get lights installed, decking down, and everything already in the house that belonged in the attic put away

unfortunately, working so hard this weekend made my back worse than normal, to the point that i had a hard time sleeping even with 3 thermacares on the various sore spots, and i'm sitting here at work, trying not to scream - the desks here are not set up high enough for me, so i hurt daily here, but this is nearly unbearable

ah well, muscles will heal in time, and since i'm here i guess i should be working

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