alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

david bowie (le sigh)

was up at 5:00 am today for some unfathomable reason, but it did mean that i was awake for david bowie on some interview show on bbc... he looked and sounded great as usual, spent quite a bit of time talking about his history (he was very self deprecating) and then he said something that made me feel much better and should make all of you feel better to:

in answer to a question about how much of his yorkshire personality was left today he said "almost none" ..... "i don't think i became who i should have been until 12 to 15 years ago"

if bowie spent that long figuring out who he was, and what he should be doing with his life, we have no reason to be feel bad about our own uncertainty with life

and now my life:

work is still sucking, but today is my last day for the week because i'm going to la la land for a vacation (won't be back until tuesday)

i'm really looking forward to visiting bells & jody, seeing some sites, clubbing, and oh yeah - rollercoasters :)

my back is still somewhat achy, but not as bad, and the cold is mostly gone (spent all weekend sleeping except for grocery shopping and laundry though)

new housemates (kaboodles and frogmaus and kevin) have moved in so the manor is even messier than before, however, it is good to have us all there

loads of work to be done both here and tonight (pack, shave/color hair, nails, finish ah-ta's taxes, find the router so rest of pcs can be hooked up, etc, etc), hope everyone's weekend is fabu and that i get to see a bunch of you next week

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