alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

i now hate airports

we're here, and had a decent evening when we finally got here, but the trip out was not so good

got to bwi and checked in/onboard (yeah 1st class) with no problems, and our first leg (bwi to phoenix) was fine (except that they aren't serving any type of booze i'd care to drink) and we even landed early in phoenix, however then things got really fubar

we boarded our flight to la at 1pm phoenix time (which was supposed to leave at 1:30 and land in la about 2:30), then sat on the ground until about 3pm while they tried to fuel the plane... they gave up and cancelled the flight, and we called the airline (america west) to get our seats changed to the next flight out (leave phoenix at 4, la about 5) and were sent to another gate (in a different wing) to pick up new boarding passes - when we got there, the seats weren't reserved, and while the staff was printing out zooom's boarding pass, another person gave away the last 2 seats on the plane to other people...

needless to say we weren't at all happy... they finally got some people to volunteer to take a later flight and got gus and i seats (in coach though) and we boarded the plane and made it to la... without our luggage as they had promised!!

after waiting for nearly an hour in luggage claim, they decided that out of all the luggage on our original flight, ours didn't make it onto the plane we took (a lot of people's did and they weren't even on the plane with us) and would be on the next flight, arriving in la sometime around 9pm...

so we filled out some forms to have the luggage delivered to bells and jody's and left... bells' studio/after hours club is really cool - a large warehouse basement done in red and black with tons of couches, club lighting, bar, projection tv, etc - basically a lounge for after club gatherings

walked a few blocks to pick up pizza for dinner (we didn't want to go out because the airline wasn't sure when the luggage would be delivered and someone needed to be there) and watched some movies and drank until exhaustion hit... about 1am la time i heard zoe on the phone w/ america west asking what was up with our clothes and that it was in la and leaving the airport for delivery but that it could be up to four hours before it got to us... needless to say, we're not very happy right now with the airline or the staff at the phoenix airport (they were less than helpful)

hopefully our stuff arrived while we were sleeping (we'll find out when bells wakes up - we stayed in the studio, he and jody went home (there apartment is smallish, but only 2 blocks away)

plans for today are some shopping (fashion/fabric district, necromancy, shrine, etc) and then miss kitty's for clubbing and after hours here tonight - guess if our luggage hasn't arrived we'll have an excuse to buy some new stuff (we may do that anyway though)... bells wants to take us to see some of the sights, and we're hoping to catch kill bill 2 at gromans (sp?) chinese theatre either today or tomorrow

we're also planning on going to six flags magic mountain for rollercoasters monday - this WILL be a good vacation in spite of the disasterous start

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