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asleep at mal 9/09
4/17/04 12:58
asleep at mal 9/09
day 2 in la was much better...

went shopping in the fabric/fashion district - we got some fabulous fabrics (damn - really must start getting the house more organized so there's a place to sew) and a very sexy pair of shoes

after dinner we went to miss kitty's club (apparently the hostess is one of the jens from tracks) which was much like any dc area club - i was surprised after having heard about how beautiful people in la are that the crowd wasn't more attractive or put together, and the music pretty well sucked... plus the floors - all of them - are concrete - apparently we're spoiled as i'm told none of the clubs out here have wood dance floors

then bells' private party - which was much more fun - the guys that volunteer to spin here were pretty good, and the crowd was interesting - his space needs better ventilation and more bathrooms though - after closing down, we sat around chatting and drinking with some of the staff until like 8am... woke at 11 and unable to get back to sleep... if i'm going to make it through shopping on melrose and clubbing tonight i must take a nap this afternoon
4/17/04 13:57 (UTC)
So glad you are enjoying yourself now. You deserve to have some fun!
4/17/04 15:22 (UTC)
I only ever went to one club in LA, it's on Thursday night but I forget what it's called. There were more people dressed up than there usually are here, but half the club was still doing the jeans and t-shirt thing. I think when people talk about all the beautiful people in LA they're either referring to movie stars and models or they're mistakenly assuming that everyone in the entire city somehow has $10,000 to blow on plastic surgery.
4/18/04 14:20 (UTC)
Perhaps it was perversion? i think that's a thursday thing...most people were wearng dusters and short vinyl shorts with big boots...that was 99 though, so who knows what the style is now...
4/18/04 18:08 (UTC)
That sounds right. I don't recall seeing any dusters, but short vinyl shorts with big boots has been a mainstay of goth/industrial club gear in every city I've ever been too.
4/18/04 8:01 (UTC)
I'm so jealous :D
When you get back I want to come over and see what you got and see the house!
4/20/04 19:29 (UTC) - sure thing
just give us a week or 2 to unpack (our luggage, not the rest of the house)
4/20/04 5:09 (UTC)
I'm pretty convinced at this point that clubs/the scene is the same all over, and it's just people's personal preferences/prejudices that convince them theirs is better than someone else's.