alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

i shall update and hope it helps my mood

one of my co-workers just sent me this, and it made me giggle

saturday i spent most of the day vegging on the couch w/ bells while zooom & gus & jody went shopping on melrose and spent more money (bells and i were too wiped to deal with all that walking)

that evening we went to the stinking rose for dinner - some of the best chili i've ever had - mid spicy range, great flavor, loaded with garlic - as gus said, nearly everything on their menu has garlic in it (although they do offer garlic free options on a few things for those who are allergic) - the rest of the food was excellent too, and the room they gave us was awesome - small semi-private table

after dinner, back to bells & jody's to shower and dress to the nines - saturday night's destination was bar sinister, which was more my speed - not as much lazy goth, and better music, the space was quite swanky (except for the cement floors again - damn my legs/feet hurt by the end of the night)

sunday we went to a flea market on melrose which was mostly full of crap - shabby chique furniture and ugly hippy clothes... then down melrose with bells as jody headed into work - we all bought shiny silver jewelry, and the boys got belts, but overall, i was not impressed with the clothes we saw - barbie pink and neon colors straight out of the early 80's and drop waisted skirts everywhere (those things make everyone look bad) - as i commented to bells, these have got to be some of the ugliest clothes i've seen in years, and they were wicked expensive to boot

sunday night was decent chinese food for dinner (although i think they were afraid to put us inside the restaurant proper, so they sat us on the balcony overlooking the theatre entrance and , followed by kill bill 2 - the movie was excellent

sunday night and monday was spent in bells' studio playing with his embroidery machine, packing and chilling, then off to the airport for the trip home

the trip home, on the other hand, was not so good - lax is not terribly user friendly, and the staff at the transportation security agency was particularly bad - first they had a person sitting in a chair watching me walk with a can and struggling to drag my suitcase around to the front of their machines telling me that i had to take it around there and pointing rather than getting off her ass to help; then they said that my cane had to go through the x-ray machine (pretty standard) and the x-ray tech dropped it on the concrete floor and broke it; then they refused to let zooom take his lighter on the plane, after he flew out of bwi with it in his pocket and they didn't want to give me a report on the idiot tech breaking my cane so i could file a claim for the damage

the overnight flights weren't bad, we got to bwi to find my car wouldn't start, but their staff has a truck to handle such problems and we got home about 8am... then off to work

i worked 10 hour days the rest of the week dragging from sleep dep, but i did go out to alchemy thursday and had an ok time - music was pretty decent, but the crowd was small - enjoyed 2501's mix of dead stars and c is for cookie a lot, and i danced quite a bit in both rooms

friday night zooom and i had talked about going to corrosion, but he was asleep when i got home which was just as well as i needed sleep too

saturday and sunday i did housework and laundry and put some more stuff away - the manor is going to take forever to be truly together at this rate - and saturday i went to orpheus/taboo with the girls - it was funkergirl, deadmoonrising, kaboodles, gandri and i - the music was good
and everyone seemed to have fun

sunday i had wanted to go to the march, but i didn't wake up early enough to meet everyone - probably just as well; i got more work done that way

so far, this week has been good except for the whole work thing - monday night we had a utsforker come over and hang out, and yesterday angitia came over to visit and made yummy omelettes for dinner with me

i'm glad there are only 2 more days in this work week though - time to follow my own advice and find a new job - i just need to find one that pays really well so i can continue to have a life as well as a house

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