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asleep at mal 9/09
5/6/04 17:38
asleep at mal 9/09
lilkender posted this link earlier, and it really hit home


i don't count "spoons" but i do plan my activities based on the level of pain they're going to cause vs. the level of pain i can live with

in my head i count pain points (when i was first in treatment i was taught how to rate my pain level vs. what was normal before the accident) - a good day starts at around a 6 which i can mostly ignore but walking, dancing, etc ramps that level up quickly (hence the painkillers before and cocktails at the club), and the weather we've been having lately (i so wish the rain/temp would level out) has had me starting at an 8 or 9 the past few weeks. all this means that i'm limping badly after a block or two of walking and i can't take pain meds all the time (the few that i'm not allergic to stop working when used continuously) so i am pretty well useless at the moment

it also means on bad days when i'm starting out above my pain threshold (i can ignore a 6, deal with a 7, and am ready to cry all the time at a 9) i tend to cut down on activities and nurse my aching joints and a few cocktails at home so at least i can get some sleep...

thank the gods/goddesses i don't get hangovers if i drink the right stuff ;)

anyway, not looking for sympathy, this is mostly for myself and those of you who always ask why i'm using a cane when you see me with one
5/6/04 18:14 (UTC)
Wow sweetie, I never realized you were in THAT much pain all the time!
Before I started seeing this chiropractor twice a week (yay insurance) I was steady at a 4-5 most of the time, occasionally 6-7 for short periods or occasional twinges higher.
I'm still trying to figure out how to block out pain when it gets that high, there's no one who wants to give me drugs for it. The only doctor I'm seeing now is a chiropractor and they won't prescribe drugs at all (if I could find some that worked for me). Well, it's one reason I drink. Loosens up my muscles (tight muscles are mostly what cause my pain).

Take it easy for a while, hope you feel better real soon!
5/7/04 12:46 (UTC)
chronic pain is a Bitch And A Half and few people understand it. I've become more reclusive, I think, because of it (well, because of that & grad school on top of full-time work). I do a huge combination of different activities -- walking, lifting weights, & swimming, to strengthen the muscles around the joints. Some chiropractors also know about 'core strengthening exercises' which develop the connectivity tissues around joints.... very hard to get to... But those exercises help.

summer will be here soon... hang in there...
5/8/04 8:34 (UTC)
I understand as well. Different problem, but same concept. I too have to pay attention to the weather and my plans for the day. Do I have all my meds with me? Do I have all my glasses with me? Am I going to be caught out at night in the rain and have to drive? How bright is today going to be? How tired am I? When was the last time I ate? Have I taken my vitamins and supplements? How bright and flashy is this movie going to be? Is the club going to go crazy with strobs tonight? When is the next headache going to happen? Do I have asprin with me? And many, many more.

5/20/04 8:28 (UTC) - Ouch....
I *am* sorry for how much pain you are in all the time. Had no idea. The worst thing for me is feeling tired all the time when my body is fighting off the pain. What I've found that works is the chiropractor when I can't move, and the accupuncturist as a maintenance plan. Hope you feel better.