alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

time for a real update i guess...

not much unusual going on except for the damn weather driving my arthritis into overdrive - what the hell happened to spring?!

the past couple of weeks have been work, home, work on the manor, maybe club

did manage to finish the base coat on the lower part of the bedroom walls (neither of us are terribly happy with the purple - it it disappears into the blue too much, so i need to get a brighter ligher purple to make it pop)

goth prom at alchemy_dc was great fun, and last saturday we went to chiaroscuro_dc which was much better than the first few times we went - i was a bit disappointed that no-one was spinning on the deck even when the rain stopped, but i did dance quite a bit inside as the music was much better than the week before and we got to see people who don't often make it out on thursdays, so that was good too

i am looking forward to (of all things) the hfstival on saturday - offspring, femmes and the cure - should be a good day, and i'm very happy today is thursday and i can go dance at alchemy_dc - especially since djkangal is spinning

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