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asleep at mal 9/09
thursday was a good night - after work i met pyrogus for some… 
5/25/04 10:27
asleep at mal 9/09

thursday was a good night - after work i met pyrogus for some dinner before the club and we went for greek food at an awesome place in crystal city, then i headed to alchemy_dc where my wonderful husband surprised me for our anniversary...

i was standing at the bar waiting for another drink from jay when someone came up and started chewing on my neck - i looked around in anger to see who the fuck it was and it was zooom - i said what are you doing here and he responded happy anniversary... boy did i feel bad (i totally forgot - fortunately neither of us were terribly romantic, and he knew i had forgotten and had actually managed not to mention it for a few days before) - it was really sweet of him, and he had carolyn play "i'll melt with you" for us - and zooom danced with me for several songs (which he rarely does) - an excellent surprise

saturday, was the hfstival - not a great time, and i don't care how good the bands are, i will not be going back to another big show at rfk ever - traffic was atrocious, people were amazingly rude, the sound was muddy everywhere except the center of the field, and the expensive lighting rig was obviously run by someone who didn't really know what the fuck they were doing

first, it took us nearly 2 hours to get from the benning road exit of 295 to the stadium, they had no handicapped accessible parking, we had to walk most of the way around the stadium just to get to the entrance, when we got inside i started contemplating bashing people with my cane - i've never had anyone kick my cane out from under me, and at the festival it happened at least a dozen times in the first hour... i know that these days i'm a different generation than most of the teenagers there, but didn't their parents teach them at least basic manners?

i was also stunned at the condition of the site - trash and food on the ground everywhere and the few trashcans were full, the rest rooms were gross, the stadium vendors ran out of items like water, etc

the offspring were good, and the cure were great (although unlike bowie robert smith is aging badly) - that made up for the evilness of the crowd a bit, but people suck

sunday i finally got the colors right for the bedroom and am now halfway done with the finish coat, and hopefully i'll complete the room tonight so we can move our furniture into the bedroom before the weekend guests arrive for kindred gate building

a few of you non-kindred types had mentioned being curious about how our gate was built - we're working on an addition to the gate this weekend, so feel free to drop by the ranch if you want to learn (be warned you will be put to work, but we will feed you too) - call me or send me an e-mail for more details - saturday will probably be the major construction/foam carving, hopefully sunday and monday will be mostly attaching the foam and doing paint effects
5/25/04 9:16 (UTC)
Haha that's sweet but very funny... I imagine Zooom was lucky, as it wouldn't have surprised me if you'd punched him before turning around. ;)

I have not seen any recent photos of the Cure, and by what people have been saying about how bad Robert Smith looks I'm not really eager to.
5/25/04 10:01 (UTC) - You mean the Manor, not the Ranch...

Pick pick pick..

*happy sigh* that the Cute were good; my buddy who had seen them in CA was unable to get past how Robery Smith *looked*, so I got no report on how the Cure *sounded*. Not all of us can age like Bowie. Shit, if I went home every night & had Iman whispering sweet nothing to me all ngiht, you can bet I'd be aging much more gracefully too.

I'm saddened but not particularly surprised at how rude the crowds at the festival were. The last couple of Great Big huge Thigns I've been to, I've been more & mroe distressed at the lack of general public manners. Believe this, or not, laugh, or not - the last huge public concerts I went to where everyone was decent to each other..? The Lilith Fairs.

Hurrah about snazzy painted bedroom! I will have to come see it soon.

Hurrah for Zooom being all romantic..sigh. Someday, I will have someone who I almost punch while they bit me on the neck..nothing says loving like bruises! ;) Happy aniversary, you couple who continue to give me hope for the whole couple thang..much love to you both, you know I miss you.

wish I could be around to help with the gate this weekend. I'll be heading up north. But LMK what all transpires!

Don't let people's general evilness get ya down. I try not to. MOST of them - I agree. But we are lucky to be surrounded by a small pocket of actual humanity..go us!

5/25/04 13:18 (UTC) - Re: You mean the Manor, not the Ranch...
No, it's true, Christian is letting us work at the Ranch. Space, tools and storage available there.

I think Flame said she'd try to stop by. I warned her we'd put her to work :)
5/26/04 9:30 (UTC) - Re: You mean the Manor, not the Ranch...
kender got it right

and we hope you get to come see us sometime before war, but we understand if you can't - life is very busy for all of us right now :)

hugs & love
5/25/04 10:18 (UTC)
i know that these days i'm a different generation than most of the teenagers there, but didn't their parents teach them at least basic manners?

Probably not. And even if they were, they'd just let that crowd mentality sweep them away.
5/26/04 20:10 (UTC)
Send me details!!!

This is louis, and I am interested in stuff like that for my yard now that I am actually truing ot landscape and do outdoors stuff.

My non algx email is shadowcrafter @ hotmail . com.

For that matter, what are you doing next weekend? I am throwing myself a birthday party saturday the 5th. It won;t be on the level of one of your parties, but after the hospitallity you and zoom have shown me over the years...
5/26/04 22:55 (UTC)
Incidentally, do you have the contact info for Flame?

I am supposed to be camping with her at Pennsic.

I was supposed to be IMing with her and the rest of the silver griffons for planning on Tuesday, but my power was down.

I have also lost her email address.

So if you could either forward it to me, or have her email me...