alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

long, mostly bitchy update

past 2 weeks have been busy as usual... bedroom walls are finished except for some trim and adding chair rail, so hopefully we'll get the furniture into it this weekend and can finally get another room started

last thursday at alchemy_dc was pretty good - i was impressed with djspider - she made me happy by keeping me on the dancefloor... i did leave kind of early though - i was totally exhausted, and fell asleep at pyrogus's for a few hours before driving home

saturday/sunday/monday was kindred gate building at the ranch - we got there saturday morning to a wrecked, useless garage/workspace (it was promised to be cleaned up and useable) so the first thing we had to do was move a ton of crap out of the way so we could work...

we actually started construction about 1pm, framing the buttresses to be added to the gate ( is a pic of the gate as of the end of last war) and carving foam rocks... saturday afternoon i was hit with an exceedingly severe cyst which made me so nauseaus i spent several hours shaking and forced me to take enough painkillers to make me less than up to par for the rest of the weekend until it finally burst monday afternoon, but i kept working at things i could do without too much pain and where my fuzzyness didn't affect things too badly

skipped balticon and the club saturday night (too exhausted and sick) and went home for cocktails and hang out time with barry and walter, same thing sunday

we managed to get the structure completed and skinned and rocks applied by about 9pm monday, but we had anticipated having at least the first coat of paint/foam coat on the buttresses by then, so we'll definately be having at least one, possibly 2 more work weekends before war to finish the buttresses off - pretty much everyone was disappointed with the turnout as far as help with the construction goes

my work week has been pretty sucky - the only sane/realistic person above our manager quit, and floyd (he troubleshoots our optical rings) put in his one week notice today - this place is going downhill fast and i need to get out of here soon, before i lose it

last night at alchemy was pretty bad too - i was hoping for lots of bounce and stomp, instead i got intermittent dancing (quite a bit that was thanks to dayglodivine interspersed with lots of griping about having 3 dancefloors and nothing to dance to... and what was the deal with cosmo as a dj? he's a good guy, but i was not at all impressed with his dj skills (there was no-one dancing on the deck for the first half of the night at all because the music was not good)... and then there was the repetition of songs - within 10 minutes of each other the club side and the deck both played enjoy the silence, and a little while later i heard a song from the concert side replayed on the club side... perhaps the djs need some way to keep track of what's playing on the other floors?

on the bright side of things i got to see some people who don't normally come out, and i got a decent nights sleep (i left early since i was annoyed with the lack of dancing)

saturday i'm hoping to go out to chiaroscuro_dc, perhaps with zooom because steve archer is spinning and i know he'll play lots of stuff for me to bounce to

hey kelowna - mel was trying to get the bar there to stock amaretto di saronna for me, to no avail... i will be much more likely to attend more regularly and drag gus, flame, zooom, et al with me if you can get them to carry what i drink - it won't go to waste, i promise

sunday zooom leaves for a week long motorcycle trip to montreal so it'll be a quiet week at the manor - anyone want to come hang out one evening?

that's all i can think of for now... hope the rest of you are having a good week :)

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