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asleep at mal 9/09
quiet day 
6/7/04 11:29
asleep at mal 9/09
things at work are quiet, so...

the weekend was pretty good - saturday zooom and i managed to move all our bedroom furniture into our bedroom and got it organized... still need to finish painting the trim and buy a bedframe/nightstands, but i feel very accomplished

then saturday night we went to chiaroscuro_dc with devon, alicia and kitten... had a pretty good night - the music (courtesy of steve archer and djkangal especially) was better than thursday so i danced quite a bit

yesterday i slept til about 1, then did some more work on the bedroom (especially organizing the closet) and took care of laundry, housework, etc

i am feeling accomplished about the house for the moment though, now to start working on the main room of the basement - paint the half that's empty, then re-organize the piles of stuff and paint the rest... and i need to finish the trim in the bedroom and get chair rail in there too

this week i'm supposed to go fabric shopping with funkergirl and mkblack, hopefully either tonight or tomorrow; wednesday frogmaus and i are to go to price club (i hate that place, but is a necessary evil) and of course i will be at alchemy_dc thursday (and i am hoping the music is more on course this week)

weekend plans include gathering with some pennsic friends (probably no clubbing for me this weekend so thursday better be good for dancing) and if i'm motivated more paint
(Deleted comment)
6/7/04 12:51 (UTC)
am afraid to buy veggies, etc for the party too early - would friday work?
6/9/04 12:16 (UTC)
probably no clubbing for me this weekend

Well you MUST come the following week! I secured the good Amaretto just for you! :)

6/10/04 8:36 (UTC) - yeah!!
and thank you sweetie :)