alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

a request from staciadevi - i think jason's stuff is funny

My buddy Jason's work - a shameless plug.
So, my extremely talented pal Jason is one gifted bastid.

He's funny, he's political, he's bright & slings the ink with old-skool Mad Magazine-style clean line goodness.

I don't always agree w/ him, nor always dig his humor. Being a lad like he is, Jason is always much more comfortable with the South-Park style poo gags than I am. But more often than not, I think he's a fucking hoot.

This week's was pretty good..

Lord Humongous obviously bein' his take on our Oval Office squatter..

He's got a clickie on the side so you can check out older strips. I recommend: 6/3, 5/12,
4/14, 4/7 & 2/11, just to get an overview..

Jason's 3 main characters are an alcoholic clown, a cat that shoots heroin & a little girl dealing with molestation. So he pushes some buttons..His Charlie Brown parody (where we finally get to see Peppermint Patty & Marcy hook up) was put into the Schulz collection by Schulz's estate. I think he'd be such a natural for 'Adult Swim'...

Plus his blog is damned funny.

Unfortunatley, this exceedingly hardworking motherfucker is barely making enough to get by. So he can't print his next issue. He's come up with a clever promotion in which either folks buy stuff form his store or he bumps off a senile old woman. (As Gus pointed out, in this crowd, most of us would rather see her go to the 'fun tank'.)

Jason's gonna let popular opinion decide, if he makes the goal..

Here's more details about Jason's 'Nanathon' - he's got prizes & such.

Like all good little artist-whores, I use my friends pretty ruthlessly. I think, what can they do for me? ;}

So, the favor here is: I know y'all post in other places. You all are a pretty Web-savvy bunch. If you find yourself snickering at Jason's work, would you please pass the links along? the more eyeballs roll over it, the more folks might actually be moved to buy something. Jasons's site is:

& if anyone here actually is intrigued enough by Jason's stuff & wants to buy a comic or two themselves:

Lemme recommend either the Wepon Brown comic (a MUST for any Peanuts fan; it has EVERY Peanut, set in a post-apocalyptic world); the 'Deep Fried' trade (issue #1 just sold out, so the trade is where you'd get to see the alcoholic clown meet his smack-shootin' lil' buddy) or the Sack O' Crap, which has Weapon Brown, "We're #1" (Jason politicizing, as vs. the longer storylines in the Deep Fried trade) & A CD-Rom of some animations he's done, which are also funny & wrong.

Please, please, please, help me get the word out about this talented artist's work, post it anywhere you think folks would appreciate something offbeat, intelligent & fun. I think it's a total crime that someone this bright, talented & driven doesn't have many more people reading him.

Thankee for your time.

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