alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

save 25% on books at borders thru 6/14 (thanks vicar)

and an update:

week has flown by, monday i worked then picked up paint for the main room of the basement, hit the bank and grocery store and collapsed into bed

tuesday i went fabric shopping with funkergirl and mkblack at hancock fabrics... didn't plan on buying anything unless i saw something really cool for curtains in our bedroom, instead i found and had to buy for zooom where the wild things are printed cotton - tres adorable, and i think i may go back and pick up more so i can make some pants for myself too... then we went to on the border for some dinner - the food was yummy, and made great leftovers weds, but the service was absolutely terrible - first time in ages service anywhere has been so bad i left less than a 10% tip

wednesday i went home from work, read a bit and crashed hard thanks to a muscle relaxer (my shoulders have been hurting nearly as bad as the arthritis, and that I CAN fix w/ meds)

yesterday work bought lunch (mmmm... moby's) then after work i met pyrogus and kat for dinner before the club (afghan this time - more yum) and then headed to alchemy_dc... not a great night musically, but there were some good points, especially djsolares's set about midnight, and it was good to see people who don't often get out (like lilkender and vicar and evan and kristen)

at one point when all 3 guest djs were spinning (st matthew in the concert room, steve archer on the club side and cosmo on the deck) i overheard the comment "3 floors of suck - tony must be taking charge..." while i don't totally agree with that, and tony spins music i like sometimes too, the djs need to pay more attention to whether or not there are people dancing, and at it would be nice if they could figure out how to coordinate between floors better (so as to not duplicate songs, etc)

and while i understand the volume has to be kept down on the deck, there is absolutely no excuse for a dj playing a romantic "hair band" set (every rose has it's thorns, etc) in a goth/industrial club... keep the volume down, fine, but play dancable music out there - that way, those of us who enjoy the deck for dancing can be happy and those who want to converse can, and we don't make the neighbors mad

today after work i get to make the dreaded early summer trip to price club (why does that place have to be so cheap? i wish i could avoid going there at all, but my budget won't allow me to totally skip the rude customers and incompetent staff) and the weekend is booked solid with pennsic friends and house stuff and zooom's return from his vacation in montreal

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