alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

vent vent vent

what the fuck is it with the damn weather in dc? it's supposed to be spring, yet we're in high 80's and terribly humid and muggy with frequent thunderstorms... i can't believe how badly this is bothering my arthritis - not only am i unable to deal with the pain long enough to work some of the aches out through dancing (i tried last night - thanks dj_solaries for the awesome 80's set) but i'm having a really hard time sleeping because i can't get comfortable and the pain meds and nsaids i'm not allergic to are having less and less of an effect... and when i got home early from the club i was hoping that some attention from the husband would make me relax/wear me out enough to sleep - not much luck there - waves of pain during sex do not make me happy at all... i'm going to sit here and wimper quietly now

hopefully getting the exercise machine from funkergirl will let me start working out some of the problems without so much pain - it has a rowing machine function which used to be one of the things my physical therapist had me do, and one of the few aerobic exercises that doesn't hurt terribly... i miss being able to sleep without sleeping pills and cocktails, and i really miss being able to do anything without worrying about how much it'll hurt... just walking up the block to pick up lunch took me from an 8.5 to a 10 on the pain scale, and i've had just about all i can take...

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