alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


the weather here has been beautiful the last few days, and the pressure in my hip has finally stabilized - it's been really nice to get a reasonable night's sleep and not want to scream all day

saturday i felt like shit after 10 hours of work (at least it was overtime so time and a half), so rather than go to alicia & joel's housewarming and then chiaroscuro_dc as planned i went home, took the last of the heavy duty painkillers, had cocktails until i felt "fuzzy" and didn't notice the pain anymore, and went to bed

sunday i was still achy but not nearly so bad, did some painting (prime trim in part of the family room) and housework and sewing, funkergirl, mkblack, nvqrjaajkss and ike joined zooom and i for a visit/sewing/yummy dinner (the last of the butter lamb that was in the freezer - must make more of that some weekend soon)

monday's weather was so glorious i had almost no pain at all, felt very accomplished and happy as i walked down around the waterfront with rogue on the way to get lunch, and after work picked up zooom and attacked giant for foodstuffs to take for lunches (he amazed me by looking at labels and picking out healthy foods), then went home, unloaded groceries, grabbed dinner and made greek salad for lunch

yesterday was pretty good too... a little bit more pain than monday (but it rained yesterday afternoon, so no surprise there) but not bad, and i got home to a jennytheonly cutting zooom's hair... she cut my hair too, and i copied a shirt pattern for her and we spent some time visiting - twas very good to see her, and great to get haircuts (although mine is a bit shorter than i wanted it it's my fault - i forgot how much curlier my hair gets when it's cut short and the perfect length when wet is an inch too short when dry - at least my hair grows quickly, and in a couple of weeks it'll be exactly the length i wanted)

looking forward to dinner w/ freaks followed by alchemy_dc tomorrow, and freak day at king's dominion on saturday

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