alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

wheeee!! i'm in a good mood

last night at alchemy_dc was awesome... first a few of us went out for yummy greek food, then we went to the club - good music in both the concert side and on the deck at times, however, mohawk adam and djsolaries and defektiv spun some fantastic sets... alchemy_dc please have adam spin more often?! this was the best night i've had at alchemy in a long time

it was also great to dance without major pain (well, my feet hurt a bit by the end of the night, but that's no big deal) and to wake up this morning not wanting to chop my leg off at the hip (thank you weather gods)

it was good to see everyone out last night, hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as i did - also hope to see bunches of you at freak day tomorrow :)

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