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asleep at mal 9/09
the weekend 
6/28/04 13:00
asleep at mal 9/09
freak day was somewhat of a disappointment - not because we didn't get to see loads of people (that part was great), but because so many rides were broken...

while we were waiting in lines, volcano broke twice (the second time some of the freaks were on it and they didn't quite make it out of the mouth of the volcano, they dropped back into it), anaconda, outer limits, shockwave, and of all things the swings were all down when we went to ride them - not a good day for adrenaline junkies and we were not happy about that, so we gave up and left after bumper cars/group picture

after kd we went home where i showered and kidnapped kaboodles and headed for chiaroscura_dc (or to quote redsteve the most misnamed club in dc) - had a great time there, which partially made up for the disappointing day at kd - danced a ton to the 80's stuff aaron hart and oZ? were spinning on the deck... and a thank you to kelowna for getting me the good amaretto - it helped make for a happy kim
6/28/04 12:45 (UTC)
It was nice seeing YOUR ASS at the club - especially knowing you were doing the marathon run after FD@KD.

I had heard turnout was a bit light, though. Corporate window and all...wow...