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asleep at mal 9/09
a real update 
7/12/04 17:49
asleep at mal 9/09
things have been going ok lately, work still sucks, but i'm working on fixing that by 1) trying to change some things here so that it's less intolerable and 2) updating my resume and skewing it toward non-internet stuff so i can find a new career

thursday at alchemy dc was fun, danced quite a bit in both rooms (the deck music was pretty terrible though) and generally had a good time

zooom took me to a bar-b-que with some of his riders group friday - they seem like good people although i felt totally out of place not being a rider myself or a bike geek - the food was excellent though (korean bar-b-que dish called "ki-be")

saturday and sunday were spent working about the house - laundry, work on the bar, and sewing - got the burnout velvet skirt and angel sleeve chemise finished (that was a pain in the ass - didn't have a pattern for the sleeves or a finished piece to copy, and it took forever to get them to hang properly), bar is mostly done and loaded now, another corner of the house sorta finished only a few dozen more corners to go - and a ton of sewing i'd like to finish before war

must run now - gotta pick up zooom at the motorcycle shop - the ducati is getting major service this week and he's dropping it off
7/12/04 17:11 (UTC)
So when do we get to come over and get as loaded as your bar?

I know, I know, after War. I just couldn't resist!
7/13/04 8:03 (UTC)
actually you can come get lightly loaded at the bar after we work on the gate saturday if you want depending on exhaustion levels and how early we're heading back to work sunday morning
7/13/04 6:50 (UTC)
I'm sorry! Now that I'm back home, I was going to bring you the pattern. I just bought a new one last week so I could make another dress like that one. Sorry it was such a pain in the ass. :(
7/13/04 8:01 (UTC)
is all good - i do have a question for you though - do you have my short black linen/lace chemise? i can't find it, and the last time i remember seeing it i think i lent it to you at yule (if not, i'll keep digging)
7/13/04 17:10 (UTC)
yes, yes I do. And you know, I had it out, sitting on a chair the last time you came to my apartment for a haircut, and I completely forgot to give it to you. How about I come by this weekend to drop it off?
7/14/04 10:21 (UTC)
that would be great - we'll at the ranch sat/sun, working on the gate addition though, so if you don't want to come by there, maybe next week/weekend?
7/13/04 7:52 (UTC)
Ick, angel sleeves can be the devil :p