alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

this week has been pretty decent - actually kind of boring except

for the work on the gate over the weekend - it's still not done, although we got at least one coat on most of the structure we need more paint/foamcoat to finish; the wolf/gargoyles are looking fabulous though (i promise pics after war of finishing work and the new, improved gate) - in addition to our local kindred members we had barry & walter come down from philly and goat from joisey, plus funkergirl and jill as volunteers helping out; when the sky decided to open up in the evening we got all the wet pieces under cover and headed back to our house for some dinner and drinks - was nice to see the newly stocked bar get some use

sunday - worked 10 hours OT then home to watch 6 feet under & queer as folk and crawl into bed; i'm still working 5 8 hour days this week too - bleh

yesterday after work, was dinner (mandarin with pyrogus and ikirus and then alchemy_dc - music wasn't bad, really enjoyed the old school industrial sets spun sporatically in the club room before/after the band

and plans for the weekend involve sewing for war, housework, and chiaroscuro_dc (yes, kelowna i'll finally make it out again this week) - hope to see quite a few of you there

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