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asleep at mal 9/09
chia-pet tonight? (aka chiaroscuro_dc) 
9/11/04 13:11
asleep at mal 9/09
so, since tomorrow is zooom's birthday, and he wants to go out tonight to creepy-cheerio, i thought i'd mention it here in case some of you are free to join us... i'll be driving, so feel free to feed him as many drinks as you wish

hope to see lots of you out :)
9/11/04 14:47 (UTC)
definitely stocking the amaretto then!

9/11/04 18:47 (UTC)
a bit late, but I'll see you there!
9/11/04 21:02 (UTC)
Wish Zoomy a happy birthday for me as I'm still down in this Southern Hell town.

Love you, miss you!
9/12/04 12:12 (UTC)
wish zoom a happy birthday from me too, i wish i would've know earlier that you guys were going to be there then i would've made an effort to go, oh well i hope you guys had a good time *hugs*
9/13/04 6:56 (UTC)
ditto what Jill said.