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asleep at mal 9/09
just a quickie 
9/29/04 17:36
asleep at mal 9/09
been sick with a nasty, icky cold since the p5 party in jersey (will post details on that later) which is why no-one's really seen me, but i'm surviving

the main reason for this update is that evil karen and ben are probably going to come out to alchemy_dc tomorrow night since they miss seeing everyone - so if you're able to, please come out to give them love
I was OUT of it when you dropped by the booth on Sunday. My apologies for not being the most pleasant/positive minded company. My ship was sinking fast and SUNK by the time I made it to dinner. Ike had to come pick me up from the diner.

As always, please feel free to stop by, even if for a quick nosh and/or privy break.

I dont remember if I told you on Sunday...I would be more than happy to bring in anything you/Zooom would need for Faire days (ie: booze/food)...just lemme know if/when and I can pick it up on the way home from work.

Ike said he sends his hello's and love! :)
9/29/04 16:17 (UTC) - Sicky Icky
Rest, Hot Tea, Bubble Baths, Cuddles, Kisses, Massages in what you need.

Hope you feel better soon.
9/30/04 8:55 (UTC) - Re: Sicky Icky
thanks... can't place your lj name; can you clue me in (face is vaguely familiar in the picture, but not enough of the face to clue me in)
9/30/04 12:04 (UTC) - Re: Sicky Icky
I am engaged to Roy. I meet you and Zoom at the ranch one year and have seen you in passing at the clubs. Never really got the chance to chat with you though. Here are better pictures.

10/1/04 11:36 (UTC) - Re: Sicky Icky
ah... now it clicks - i've friended you :)
10/1/04 12:20 (UTC) - Re: Sicky Icky
thank you. I have you listed as a friend also.