alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


last week was better since i'm mostly over the ick...

i had an excellent time thursday at alchemy_dc and saturday at chiaroscuro_dc was decent thanks to some good music and dancing

alchemy had 2 live bands thursday - grendel and mindless faith - i liked the music for both bands, but wasn't particularly impressed with grendel's live show to watch - i realize the small stage and international travel can put limits on sets, props, etc; but one keyboardist and a singer with almost no stage presence does not make an interesting show - mindless faith was better to watch, and they sounded quite good although there were a few songs where i wished for less effects so the vocals could be heard... and evil karen and ben were out again, plus loads of the usual subjects to keep us company, and the djs were also in fine form on thursday - i danced a lot even for me, and on all 3 floors (yeah for danceable music on the deck) - thanks to the alchemy crew for making the evening so much fun

saturday at chiaroscuro wasn't quite as good - there were periods where several of us were bouncing back and forth between floors for quite some time looking for something to dance to; thankfully dj_vlad and dj skunque finally played some music i could dance to, and 2501's end of the night set was fun too - was odd to be out with such a small crowd at a club, but i did have fun dancing with faeriemage and skullkyng and it was really cool to see nik (last time i remember seeing her was at roxy res) out again

this saturday, zooom and i should be at most of the day - hope to see lots of you there (it'll be the last time we make faire this year)

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