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asleep at mal 9/09
a quickie 
10/20/04 16:19
asleep at mal 9/09
busy as hell at work, behind on your entries, behind on mine, but cest la vie

just wanted to drop a note that ray is in town from london, and will be at alchemy_dc thursday night with kaboodles and others to help me celebrate another birthday in which i miraculously appear not to age a day

hope to see lots of you there (note: please, no gifts - if you must, buy me a drink - i hope to have a designated driver) this week
10/20/04 13:58 (UTC)
to my Dorian Gray wife...on the issue of a designated driver...all I have to say is..."NOT IT!"

to everyone else in regards to my darling bride's B-Day....I am thinking about starting a corset slut fund to buy my wife a new or a few new ones....if you want to give her a gift other than a drink then donate to me and I'll see about making sure she stays dressed as decadently as usual!!!
10/20/04 18:11 (UTC)
Happy Birthday!!
10/20/04 19:15 (UTC) - To forever looking young...
Happy B-day Kim! Sorry I won't be able to be there. Hope you have a lovely day and night.
10/21/04 4:59 (UTC) - Amaretto sour!
Hello sexiest one,

Sorry I will not be in town to celebrate *your* natal day. I am sure you will have a blast. Consider this post a coupon for a really good cocktail, a shoulder rub & a birthday smooch! whenever I am graced by your presence next. 'casue that's what I am, y'know. Graced by you & your sweet smile, sexy dancin' & good friendship.

Zooom, you are one lucky bastard. All that hotness & she's a great cook too. What gods did you fellate in a previous life?

Hope tonight, the music is on. Hell, be pre-emptive. Walk right up to those DJ folks & lay down the law. It's Dances in Hell's birthday. The spin must be good.

Happy daze & love to you,


10/21/04 5:14 (UTC) - Happy Birthday!
Sorry I will not be there! I do wish you bounds of happiness and good stompin' tunes though. I will be there in thought.
10/21/04 6:43 (UTC)
You have not aged in the 9 years I've known you. Why start now? Have a wonderful birthday :-)
10/22/04 17:00 (UTC)
happy birthday!

sorry I wasn't there . . . more notice next time, and past that along to ms. thing as well! (geez, you show up from london, and expect peopel to drop everything . . . )

research paper almost done -- be out in public again some day!!
10/22/04 22:29 (UTC)
Happy birthday!

Sorry I wasn't there.
Will buy you a drink next time