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asleep at mal 9/09
no politics, just life 
11/3/04 12:11
asleep at mal 9/09
work continues to get worse - we've now aquired a dial up company, aleron, which makes me even less happy about my job; although we did aquire a few techs with aleron - including todd dresser, chuck burke, and dave benzino, all of whom are friends - at least now there more people to bitch with/to

going out this past week was awesome though - loads of good music at alchemy_dc on thursday and at Spooky (although way too much smoke machine, especially on thursday) - razed in black was excellent (live industrial with guitars and drums onstage, and a beat you can groove to is a wonderful thing), and there were also some great costumes (and an incredible number of bad/cheesy ones) at Spooky; on thursday i really enjoyed defektiv's and dj solaries' sets (but i'm disappointed that the deck hasn't been open most of the time - the weather's still nice out so please let us dance outside?)

friday night we went out for a small freak dinner with evil karen and ben (and their kidlings), jamie, pyrogus and frogmaus in columbia - it was fun, but by the time dinner was over i'd had my fill of small ones for several months (nope, not a whit of maternal instinct here)

saturday i was supposed to go to several halloween parties, but having slept very little friday (zooom's allergies are very bad) and being exceedingly cranky i decided that staying home was the best choice as i was in no frame of mind to be a good guest or social in any way - my apologies to those who were expecting to see me and didn't