alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


tired, cranky, hate work

but i had an excellent night at alchemy_dc last night - the music was excellent almost the entire evening on both floors with one exception: 2501 what were you thinking when you played a rap set featuring vanilla ice (morris day and the time aren't too bad, but that was cruel)? especially since it was opposite adam's ususal punk/ska clearing of the dance floor

tomorrow we get to go to the middle of nowhere for the handfasting of angitia and innocentxv which zooom is going to perform so we won't be out saturday night, but i'm sure it will be a lovely ceremony

job hunting is frustrating to say the least, but bitching won't make that easier, i'll keep looking (and hope to win the lotto in the meantime)

and in other news, zooom won a bid for a vw caddy (basically a rabbit pickup) yesterday, so we've got to get rid of his red scirrocco asap, but at least we'll have a truck to haul his bikes, war gear, house materials, etc around in -

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