alumiere (alumiere) wrote,


last couple of weeks have been busy but not bad overall

the manor (tm) continues to be a disaster area, but hopefully progress will be made once we get through the holidays

alchemy_dc was pretty awesome last thursday, and yesterday it was quite bad - not much in the way of music i wanted to dance to, plus it was dead - defektiv played some decent music around 1am, then lost me again (there seemed to be an ongoing theme of train wrecks in both rooms) so i headed home early

timberwolves' yule feast was last weekend - zooom and i both had new garb which was gorgeous if i do say so myself, it was awesome to hang out with our pennsic family (although pyrogus was missed by all as were bells & jody) and we all had a great time

work continues to burn away chunks of my soul; fortunately i have been able to regain them through dancing, spending time with friends, and sitting in my favorite chair with a good book and a large cocktail (probably a bit too often, but having a drink or two a day is better than losing my mind) and i continue the fruitless search for a new career

sadly, we missed utsforker's birthday gathering for blade trinity (although according to dallendoug the movie sucked) because the weather this week has made my arthritis nearly unbearble, and i spent wednesday doped up on painkillers and lying about the house instead of going out

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