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asleep at mal 9/09
holiday plans 
12/21/04 23:07
asleep at mal 9/09
mostly finished w/ shopping and wrapping for the family (liquor store is the only thing left); first event/trip to pa tomorrow (for extended family dinner at the country club - bleh); another on saturday - yeah - good thing i like driving

plans locally include alchemy_dc thursday and chiaroscuro_dc on saturday after a day with my family and zooom's

both zooom and i will be at alchemy_dc next thursday for the pre-new years celebration/vnv nation; not decided yet as to what we'll be doing on new years eve or saturday though

hope that all of you enjoy your time with family and friends over the next two weeks
12/21/04 21:06 (UTC)
IF you & Zoom are up my way I would be more than happy to see you both (since I live in Lancaster!) and I have comfy places to stay if you needed too!
12/22/04 0:01 (UTC)
I _will_ have a HUGE bottle of ameretto in stock this time :D

12/23/04 11:27 (UTC)
tee hee - thank you :)