November 26th, 2001

asleep at mal 9/09


had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend... had a fabulous thanksgiving dinner with the timberwolves/freaks; went to the club afterward and danced off most of it... i was a bit disappointed that i missed godhead thursday, and pigface was really unimpressive, but the music on the dance side was as usual quite good, so i had lots of fun... spent friday & saturday finishing the living room (well, almost)... yeah, no more furniture to move, toys all back up on the wall/shelves/etc... went out dancing again on saturday; adam (mohawk) was spinning punk sets at orpheus along with the usual... fun, fun, fun... my feet still hurt sunday... sunday zooom & i lazed about the house most of the day (i even cooked breakfast - sausage, bacon, eggs - rarely do that) and then went to see icon of coil & vnv nation... great show (although they did blow large front speaker right at the start of vnv), good sound, good music, vnv can really work a crowd... all in all a terrific weekend!! and while i'm not entirely thrilled to be at work, for a monday today isn't starting out too bad (knock on wood)