November 27th, 2001

asleep at mal 9/09

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today has gotten off to a decent start, we won the argument with our insurance company so they are paying to fix zooom's car... hooray!! i need to begin working on the holiday shopping stuff, but since we only have to pay the deductible for the car repairs it looks like i'll be able to afford it... other than that, another day at work, but this week has gotten off to a much better start than the last couple of weeks, so my mood is much better... gonna go do something productive (maybe surf the web too)
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asleep at mal 9/09


okay... so what's up with all the telco techs i've worked with today... 2 out of 3 don't know how to put a loop on the customer prem termination... this is required for any type of test... doh... guess verizon is hiring new untrained idiots to replace the folks they laid off over the last year...