December 17th, 2001

asleep at mal 9/09

piles of junk e-mail

ok... i've had a pretty good but stressful weekend... 2 family holiday functions (one in bethesda, one in york pa) on saturday, had to finsish shopping saturday morning for those folks... spent sunday with john, jamie, sean, and other friends, was fun but i was tired... working lots of extra hours this week, project still moving along, they hope we can complete 100 more switchovers before christmas... this may be possible, but means lots of hours, and insanely busy me... back to work now, maybe more later.
asleep at mal 9/09

didn't get a chance to post this on friday
another incident, much like columbine, in which the participants choice of dress is made out to be more important than their psychological problems... have posted to several e-groups, requested that people respond to the washington post and local dc television stations (for more info on what they have been reporting, you can check out under forums - news that matters - local killing by kids dressed in black)