December 20th, 2001

asleep at mal 9/09

work sucks today

okay... we finished all the rhythms lines except for like 15 circuits which were down prior to our attempt to cut them over yesterday (total lines cut ~135) i was feeling really good about busting my ass the last 2 weeks to get this done; then they come back at 1:30 this afternoon with a deadline on solving all the problem circuits (and the problems aren't in our network, they are in myrient who we are transitioning these circuits from) by 4pm... not possible... oh, and we missed 2 really important circuits, we need completely new orders, ips, etc for them today (it's now 4:30, staff leaves at 5)... are they nuts?! vent over now, is thursday, will drink and dance til stress is gone (thank you all for making alchemy so much fun)