December 26th, 2001

asleep at mal 9/09

done w/ family stuff

made it though the day with sanity still intact, got some cool gifts and some really hideous stuff which we will never use... bunch of dvds for the new tv, metal gear solid, books, and booze were the best stuff... back at work, ssdd; new company has taken over - allegiance telcom; this is going to mess up our paychecks :(; guess we'll survive... club has been moved to tonight, so that will at least make sure i'm in a good mood tomorrow :) ... is it time to go dance yet?
asleep at mal 9/09

this bites

apparently worldcom has a belated holiday gift for us... they are only paying us half of what they are supposed to this week as our final check from them... 40 hours instead of 80 hours... they are soooo gonna get sued; but in the meantime, can you say we're all going to be broke?
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asleep at mal 9/09

since they are screwing us on our paychecks, i'm leaving early

ok... no bosses in the office at all this week, and since mci/worldcom has decided to screw us on our paychecks (plus, i worked unpaid overtime to make the whole switchover happen in the last 2 weeks) i'm taking off early to head to the club... gonna make myself some dinner then get out of here and go dance/drink/relax... pissy mood should be gone in a few hours, although i will definately be taking up the paycheck issue with the department of labor if in fact they don't fix this before they send out checks tomorrow... nite all