January 24th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

rainy day

boy is it nasty out today... lots of rain... it is warm out though, feels like spring already (temperatures 55 now, expected to go to 60)... winter in dc is so strange. club night tonight, and i've gotten some new clothes (again)... pretty skirt (3rd length of the katherine coatney skirts i love) and new stockings/garter belt combo... dance dance dance... time to work; lots of projects to complete today
asleep at mal 9/09

this is pissing me off

why can't companies design routers around a standard (or at least reasonably standard) interface and configuration mode?!! i've got a linksys router at home which has a really pretty and basically useless web interface (and no telnet capabilites that i can find); i am currently working on an effecient dsl router which is not efficient at all... can't even figure out how to turn off the damn wan port so it stops trying to connect to nothing... grumble grumble grumble... i really like my job, but why oh why can't we just stick with real lines and cisco equipment?! even the damn netopia's are better than this!!

ok... vent over, i'll figure it out eventually... can i get out of here yet? wanna go dance and have a few cocktails... tomorrow we are having the second freak family dinner for january, going to a fabulous restaurant in dc, the red sage with 18 people... fortunately they are running a price fix special this month or none of us could afford it... looking forward to that... damn... forgot to call michael again; i think i'll play chauffer for him saturday night and go out dancing there... maybe zooom will come out.