February 11th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

had a very good weekend overall

went out to dinner w/ a bunch of folks on friday night at the brickskeller; service was not so great, and after coming up to us with attitude, the manager finally backed down and comped us about $100 worth of drinks for the problems (like food not coming 1 1/2 hours after order was placed)... then some of us went to delerium, the new friday night club; the space is quite nice, but they need to get the bartender situation and the bar set up under control, and keep the music on a more even keel... kangal's set when we walked in was great, but then mike come on and well, cleared the dance floor for most of his set (which was way to long to suck that bad)... next dj was not so bad, but not up to normal standard, so we left early... probably should have stuck around for kangal's second set, but got tired of waiting to dance... saturday was pop pop's 82nd birthday, went by there with cake for breakfast gathering; went home and napped, then i went out for a fabulous evening with a beautiful girl... we went to dinner at sabatino's in little italy then dancing at orpheus, then back to my house where zooom graciously slept upstairs so we could have some privacy... we had a very good evening... yesterday was productive, drove to mom's and grandma's to pick up some stuff they wanted to get rid of (some was mine, some not)... that's it for now, must do some work
asleep at mal 9/09

bored, bored, bored

work today has been slower than dirt, nothing interesting is happening at all here... our re-organization is happening, and i am not too thrilled about it, but in the long term it could be a good thing... for the short term, however, i get to be the primary person on dsl issues and that really sucks... a trained monkey could handle this shit...