February 18th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

good weekend

had a fabulous weekend... friday night the club was good early in the evening, about 1am the music went down hill so zooom & i left... saturday we did some shopping (he bought 3 shirts for himself, and we got an awesome punisher shirt for gus gus) and then went to the company dinner... food was nice, music sucked as expected, so we left and went to orpheus... good music, lots of people out, even cindy and marcy were out for a change... sunday started out lazy, then we went to springfield mall (they have so screwed up the traffic patterns around there that we got completely lost :P) and got a birthday gift for jim... dinner/birthday party for jim was nice, but they lost our group reservation so we never actually got the pool tables we had reserved... guess that's it for now, meetings scheduled today about the re-organization and changes to the dsl services we are offering... yuck