February 22nd, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

friday - wheeee!!

had a great night at the club, rasputina has some gorgeous music, and the djs had a superb night, i danced for hours... i'm just a bit tired today, but in a good mood... going to do a bunch of work (dsl crap - yuck) and then tonight we are having another freak dinner and then going to delierium... hopefully dj ruin won't kill the night this week (last week his set drove lots of patrons off the floor and out of the club)... tomorrow, am going out with a cute girl, so the weekend looks to be lots of fun
asleep at mal 9/09

happy happy joy joy

just had a fabulous hour long im with stacia... she's doing better, and is very happy that we are coming to visit next weekend (as am i... miss her)... she made me smile and pointed out some things about our group house that i had never seen, and reinforced my thought that there are definately some changes that need to be made... great conversation made my day :)
asleep at mal 9/09


they are currently decimating our product management group, mass firings... not too upsetting, since product management is the group that sells products that don't exist and develops shit that we can't do... but they have not fired frank, the person in that group who makes my job miserable on a daily basis... why can't they get rid of him too? my job is fairly secure though, so it's just strange