February 27th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

it the week over yet?

ok... so home life is pretty good, but work is boring, repetitive and sucky right now... i have no desire to be doing this crap, and want to be elsewhere, preferably having a few cocktails and dancing my ass off... on the plus side, i've managed to nearly complete zooom's hideous duster/trench thingy (purple vinyl floor length with lime green snakeskin print lining - yuck) and have found buttons that he likes and will match the coat... and tomorrow is thursday which means more dancing... am really looking forward to the weekend too... thanks in advance to kelowna for starting the whole dollhouse night... back to the drudgery now
asleep at mal 9/09

almost done

yeah... i can leave this boring place of work, stop by the store, and go home to fix my other half dinner... not sure what is happening, but this week he has done housework without major nagging... hmmm... wonder what he wants? maybe he's just trying to be better about the housework; he knows i hate it as much as he does