April 22nd, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

weekend was good

friday i went home, cleaned up the garage and crashed... sat was spent cleaning the house/prepping for the kindred meeting til about 6:00 when people started arriving... small but productive meeting, it actually started on time (very surprising), then b-b-q and a small gathering for cocktails, conversation, time by the fire, etc... unfortunately my allergies had been acting up so i took a decongestant which didn't really help my headache, but it did make me hyper so i got no sleep sat nite... this made me totally useless for most of sunday; i finished my hostess duties, actually managed to get a bit of sewing done (another pair of shorts for zooom mostly finished), and then had dinner and crashed about 5:30 pm. woke back up for 6 feet under and queer as folk, then got a good nites sleep... my head still hurts though and i'm still tired... when is the pollen count going to be reasonable again?