May 15th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

ok... so i was wrong

yesterday was not terribly boring; as a matter of fact it was rather busy, all day, and then at the end of my shift i got a call from a customer whom one of my co-workers had pissed off royally... spent some time calming and soothing him and then promised to follow up today and make sure his problem was solved this morning... it has been solved, and i no longer have to deal with him (yeah!! i'm good at it, but i hate dealing with irate customers)... beautiful day out today, and last night i started on a skirt to wear with the new corset i picked up in new york, will finish tonight so i can wear it tomorrow... new clothes for the club... w00t!! more later maybe
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    abba gold (yeah, i know, but it was running through my head all morning)
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