May 17th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09


had a good night last night at the club, good music, seemed a bit empty though crowd wise... they had both inside areas open w/ djs, doors to outside open on both sides so we could hear the music out there... danced a lot; tired and a bit sore today, but such is life... traffic sucked big time this morning, and i was 1/2 an hour late to work because of it... oh well, such is life, i have to work til 9 tonight either way
asleep at mal 9/09

it's the weekend!!

i am now officially done with my long shifts and get to go home, relax and have some fun... plans for tomorrow are to do housework and run errands then go see pet shop boys saturday night; sunday is sewing circle, more housework, and helping my cute girl move into her new apartment... productive plans, but still glad to be out of here for the weekend