May 31st, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09


yippee... short day to boot, am out of here at 4 to finish party prep... last night wasn't bad, but not as awesome as some weeks... not impressed with the all gothic set on the patio, and apparently neither were a lot of other people... there were multiple times when there was no-one on the dance floor out there!! good music inside though, so i did some dancing... tired enough to leave early - before 2 (thanks for driving watson... i was fairly dead as you probably noticed)... didn't sleep as well as i would have liked... my roommate decided to start laundry at 6:30 this morning (my bedroom is next to laundry room) so i dragged my ass out of bed and did some more cleaning and dropped off all the dry cleaning on the way in to work... must hit price club, liquor store and giant after i get out of here at 4, then run home and prep food... thankfully i have a few friends who have volunteered to come early and help with that... i need a nap... maybe tomorrow :)