June 26th, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09

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today is shaping up to be the same as monday & tuesday... crazy... i promise i'll get a weekend update on here as soon as i can, in the meantime, must deal w/ stupid telcos
asleep at mal 9/09

weekend redux (sorry it took so long!)

the weekend technically started weds night, when i left work early because my throat was feeling worse & worse (it's bad when you can't swallow mashed potatoes)... stayed home sick thursday, slept quite a lot, colored my hair, packed and did a bit of laundry between naps... went to the club for a short while thursday night, paid for the freak day ads in the city morgue and picked up a few copies of the new issue... music wasn't as good as i wanted (and the new lights/paint job on the big dance floor were scary or i probably would have danced a bit more... liked some of the music i was hearing but the color scheme was overwhelming!) but i had a decent time... headed home, finished packing and loaded the car, then gus & zooom & i headed to ohio, leaving about 3am... all of us napped in the car at various points, and we took a brief detour through pittsburg due to a wrong turn (driving in pittsburg sucks!) finally arriving at cedar point around 9am

once we got to the park, we did costume changes and prepped a camelback full of frozen berry lemonade, waited for keri & travis (who never made it) and finally got into the park about 11... 1st stop, one of the best coasters in the u.s., millenium force... got a ride time for the front car at 12:15, so we took a quick ride on mantis, a stand-up coaster (much more comfortable than shock wave at k.d.) which felt a bit rougher to us than last year... millenium force was as awesome as we remembered, then we decided to hit raptor, their long hanging coaster... again, had to wait about an hour, so we hit their best wood coaster, blue streak, and chilled in an air conditioned restaurant for a bit... raptor is also very good, like the length and the g's in some of the loops on that one a lot... time for lunch; out to the car, grabbed the cooler and headed to the picnic area... i could tell we were in the midwest... probably 50 coolers, unattended, sitting on tables in the picnic area waiting for the folx who owned them to decide it was time to eat - around here that would never happen... after lunch and another costume change (i was too hot in the long skirt and fishnets) we decided to try their new ride, wicked twister... while we were waiting a storm blew up, and they forced everyone into the arcade for shelter (70mph winds expected, but didn't happen)... after the storm blew over, we walked toward the other end of the park to check out magnum xl (another great coaster) and gemini (that one hurt - bruise on my lower spine from the hard plastic seats)... decided to skip the wicked twister as it still wasn't open after the storm, and we were about done, so we rode millenium force one more time, headed to the hotel to change and met everyone for dinner and a movie (lilo & stitch - missed the beginning, but liked what we saw a lot)

saturday we went to 6 flags ohio... keri & travis joined us, as did paws and paul... we started with batman nightflight, a floorless coaster - awesome, then a couple of hours in the water park as it was way too hot out (again)... hit one of their big wooden ones next (this one hurt a bit, but i'm assuming that was cause my back was already bruised) and then x-flight - this is one complicated coaster - you lay flat out, basically suspended face down like superman in flight - amazing sensation... we wanted to hit batman again on the way out, but someone had cut power to half the park, so we couldn't ride that, decided to head out... back at the hotel, zooom fell asleep in the tub, then fell asleep while i finished getting ready to head to paws for dinner/drinks/fire/visit... nice evening though, was really good to see everyone and get to spend some time in intelligent conversation

sunday we went to brunch, then headed home after a detour by cooper's lake (pennsic site) to see the damage to the swamp area we all camp in... fred had informed us that they had dug drainage trenches through large swaths of our campsites... turns out the damage wasn't as bad as expected, dave put most of the trenches in the dividing areas between the different households, so overall, things looked ok... die fledermaus, ithilden, and the camps in silver gryphon's area may have to build some bridges/walkways over the ditches or rope them off for safety at points, but overall, it could have been a lot worse... on the way home we randomly found a really nice/good restaurant/brewpub outside cumberland - brick oven pizza, pasta, and really good porter... the right way to end the trip...

been a busy few days since i got home - work has been nuts, but i have a job, i have a job, etc... picked up new dressers monday night, yesterday did some laundry, this morning went to the bank and increased my line of credit to pay for zooom's new motorcycle... he's very excited about getting it on saturday