July 17th, 2002


this sucks (vent to follow)

apparently our internal network is having major issues today... my router access is so slow that the connections are timing out before i can enter my username & password, i have no dacs (for telco connections) access at all (similar problem) and our in house website is crawling so slowly it's taken me 10 minutes to open up the order i'm supposed to be working on... wonder what the hell the geniuses in texas have done now? in other news, things here at work suck majorly even without this, i'm alternately dealing with 3 customers at once or bored out of my mind, my shoulders feel like they did last week again, and my arthritis has been bothering me since yesterday as well, which means i got little to no sleep and i'm really grumpy... on the bright side of things, i have a job and a paycheck, i love my zooom, the acumen show was pretty decent, tomorrow is thursday (club night), and this weekend some of us are going to go tubing down part of the shenandoah (sp?) river and then spend a relaxing evening in a nearby isolated cabin with a big hot tub... hopefully relaxing will help my mood somewhat!! must go fight with our network some more now :P
red vinyl corset

still at work - yuck

stuck waiting on the same customer i was here late with monday; it appears that he may have a bad card on his router because we are seeing the same problem we saw on monday again... waiting on the tech to reach the site since i first talked to ron at 4:30... hmmm... well, i guess this will justify overtime and time and a half this week
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