July 26th, 2002

red vinyl corset

what a terrible start to the workday

i woke up in a great mood, had a fabulous time at the club last night, and the 1st call i get is a totally fucked up re-location, i have no access to the info to complete the turn-up, once we figure out that this is headed to (we think) a core router, no-one here has access to the equipment, the group in dallas who does have access keeps us on hold for 1/2 an hour before assisting, and in the meantime, the customer insists that the field tech move them back to their old line (which we have removed routing from at this point) - blargh!! i have a job... details about last night in a bit, after a smoke and decompression
asleep at mal 9/09

i know smoking is bad, but damn i feel better

after a smokie treat (aka lung cookie) i am much calmer and can now re-cap last night... had a wonderful evening at the club, danced lots, talked to a bunch of people, most importantly had a great conversation for about an hour in the women's room (was quiet - we could actually hear one another) with one of the folx who was at the cabin last weekend - i've met her several times before, but never really had a chance to talk to her til this weekend, and last night was a chance to continue the conversation... she and i share a lot of personality traits and have similar likes/dislikes... was amazed at the similarities given our differences... anyway, that definately helped make the evening better than average (and average is damn good to begin with), didn't leave til closing, dragged my ass home exhausted but decided to attack zooom anyway which was a good thing, then passed out for much too brief a time before having to awaken for work... life is good, and new friends are really cool :)