August 1st, 2002

asleep at mal 9/09


so for those of you who don't know this, i have regularly recurring bouts of really painful ovarian cycsts, and i have one now... just in time to make me totally useless in finishing prep work and loading for war... i can hardly stand to sit up, and am seriously thinking i may leave work early and spend tomorrow in bed (sick day just before vacation - not good, but i can't do anything but wait it out) if this doesn't pop tonight... and i'm out of painkillers at the moment too

in other news, i've finished the reversible skirt i was working on except for the hem, price club was semi-successful (but annoying as expected), i still have to hit target, victoria's secret (more undies) and giant before leaving and need to get the packing done too but i leave for war in 2 days